About the project

“VIPvalues +: ICT Skills for Peace projects” is co- founded by the European Commission under the Erasmus + Program. Fundación Cibervoluntarios coordinates this new initiative alongside with partners from Italy, Cyprus, Spain Austria and Belgium. The main objective of VIPvalues + is to create an ICT skills for a peace projects platform with two main lines of action: Training contents and methods that use ICT for the promotion of Peace and the inclusion of young people in situations of disadvantage, especially focused on Migrants and Refugees, and on the other hand, showcasing projects created by youth through this platform.

Consortium main goals

  • To raise awareness on the problems and issues that young migrants and refugees, and how ICTs can help to solve them.
  • To involve Youth in the Sustainable Development Goals' achievement, through the acquisition of skills and competencies in social innovation processes linked with social entrepreneurship.
  • To generate communication networks and support for the achievement of social projects.